Julianne MacLean: Claimed by the Highlander

Claimed by the Highlander

Gwendolen MacEwen is a fiercely independent female. She runs Kinloch in place of her brother who left shortly before her father died. Angus “The Lion” MacDonald is a warrior unlike any other. He has returned to Kinloch to reclaim his birthright. With a little good fortune perhaps the two can fall in love despite the odds against them.

Angus was an intriguing character.  He is complicated by his loyalty to his returned home and his developing love for Gwendolen. I loved his everyday manly mannerisms.

Gwendolen is a very frustrating heroine. She continues to change her mind about trusting Angus and is stubborn to the point of dislike. She moves one step forward and two steps back as far as loyalty.

This book gets 3 of 5 Stilettos for an excellent adventure into the Highlander way of live but would have ranked higher has I enjoyed the female character more. Would still suggest reading, because hey everyone has a different opinion.


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