Lexi George: Demon Hunting in Dixie

Demon Hunting in Dixie

What happens when a good little southern girl meets a Dalvahni warrior that’s over 10 thousand years old?  You introduce him to your mama.

Adara (Abby) Jean Corwin has a reckless and wild streak that she keeps carefully contained. Self-control is her hard-earned mantra. She has a plethora of Southern sayings and a wicked tongue her mama can’t stand.  She is a proper young Southern lady on the outside, owns a Flower shop and attends church every Sunday. On the inside however, she is a smart mouthed vixen just waiting for the right man to bring out her untamed streak. But just like most Southern good girls she is terrified of her mother. Only a belle determined to not getting her mama in a tizzy is that batty.

Brand is a Dalvahni demon hunter from another realm. He is in Alabama chasing after his latest mark, a nasty demon hell-bent on chasing after Abby to steal her soul.  Emotionless and stone cold until he saves the life of the lovely Adara, Brand has spent the last 10 thousand years following a set of laws and rules that every demon hunter must follow. He doesn’t understand emotions or the concept of love. He does however understand lust.

My favorite part of this book comes from the scene in Abby’s Flower shop where she confronts her nemesis from high school. Bet that felt good. I can certainly relate to how she feels. Small town life is nothing but politics. Who has how much money and who controls the town. I’d give my life savings to be able to tell the town beauty queen that she is a royal WITCH.

So being from the south gives you a different perspective on humor. Our jokes and sayings are very different. Case in point, how many people are going to understand “I’ve got a thirty-eight and like any good Southern girl I know how to use it.”?

This is probably the funniest books I have ever read. Several times I caught myself laughing out loud and trying to explain it to the girl in the next cube. You know it’s funny when you call your sister at midnight to quote from the book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a heartfelt love story with a Southern attitude thrown in for giggles. I give it 5 of 5 Stilletos.


One thought on “Lexi George: Demon Hunting in Dixie

  1. Lexi George says:

    Thanks for the positive review! I’m tickled pink and thrilled as all get-out that I made you laugh! Me=grinning

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