Jade Lee: Wicked Seduction

Wicked Seduction:

What do a Pirate Captain, an Enslaved Prisoner, and a Madman all have in common? They are all the sides of a man named Kit.

What Kit Frazier has been facing for the last seven years might just kill a lesser man. He was abandoned by his family, loaded onto a ship bound for The Americas and taking prisoner by a band of Pirates. Upon returning to London, Kit is unable to maintain his once stellar control. He is considered a madman by many and is doing his best to live up to that nickname. The only one able to manage his attacks is the lovely Ms. Maddy.

Madeline Wilson is the poor relation in her horrific family. Saddled with the task of helping her younger niece Rose find a suitable husband has left her feeling alone in her mature age. She has a brilliant mind and has been managing the estate of her Uncle for quite some time. Even with hand me down, dreary gowns she is still more beautiful than Kit can withstand.

I really have mixed feeling about this book. I absolutely loved Kit and Maddy. They were the perfect pair of star-crossed lovers finally realizing that what they were looking for had been found in each other. However, with that being said, I could not stand Maddy’s cousin Rose. She was obnoxious to the point that I contemplated turning the page just to skip her whining and crying. I don’t know about you but where I come from my daddy would have tanned my hide for acting the way she does. It frustrated me that Maddy was overindulging to the girl.

My favorite part of this book comes when Kit defends Maddy’s honor against her Uncle. If Maddy had not been there I think Kit might have killed him, because third time’s the charm. Her Uncle is a vile man and has been telling tells about the two of them, for he plans to make her his mistress when no one has offered for her hand at the end of the season. I truly believe in Karma and you reap what you sow. Her Uncle got everything coming to him.

All in all I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves this English time period. The big frilly girly dresses and the gentleman of the ton are what attract my attention. Just be warned that you may dislike the supporting characters. I give it a 4 of 5 Stilettos.

You can visit Jade Lee at http://jadeleeauthor.com/


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