Wendy Soliman: The Perfect Impostor

The Perfect Impostor by Wendy Soliman

Who better to foil your plans as an Impostor then man who loved your best friend?

Katrina Sinclair is by no means the best liar and anyone who has ever met her can see right through her. When her best friend blackmails her into attending a ball impersonating her, she has no choice but to oblige. Katrina is convinced that if she helps Julia that she will become well know as a modiste and her dress making career will take off. Little does she know that Julia’s ex-fiancé will be attending the same ball.

Leo Kincade has been assigned a top secret mission of outing a theft ring among the rich. He is well established in this society as he is the duke’s brother.  He knows at first meeting that Katrina isn’t who she pretends to be, but the mysterious woman stirs an attraction stronger than anything he has ever felt.


She suppressed a sigh. All in all, what had once seemed like a modestly attainable ambition was starting to feel like wading through quicksand. She couldn’t carry on for much longer, existing upon nothing more than implacable determination and the good will of others.

But Julia could change all that simply by wearing some of her more pioneering designs and making sure they were remarked upon by the people who mattered. Lady Marshall’s ball would be the sparkling culmination to the most sought-after of the summer’s house parties. The Duchess of Southport was to attend, and invitations were eagerly anticipated by society’s elite

Wendy Soliman is a new to me author that has risen to the front of my regency collection. Her characters chemistry was riveting and I couldn’t wait to see what they would do next. She kept me on the edge of my seat and I wasn’t expecting the twist at the end. Let’s just say it was truly shocking for that time period.

All in all I give this book a 3.5 of 5. The only concern I had was the length. It seemed to drag in some areas but others I couldn’t turn the page fast enough.

To check out Wendy Soliman go here.

E-Copy provided by Net Galley

Published April 2, 2012 by Carina Press


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