Faith Hunter: Cover and Excerpt Blitz

Holy Cow…. I love me some Jane Yellowrock. So when the oportunity for joining this excerpt Blitz came, I said “HELL YES”.

Now a fantastic new Excerpt:

Drawing my gun, I reinserted the round from my pocket into the magazine, snapped it home, and chambered a round. I stepped into the shadow beside the door, feeling it close behind Chi-Chi.

“Your security sucks,” a new voice said.

Lips tightly closed, I smiled and crouched low to the floor, pointed my weapon in the direction of the voice. I had smelled him as he entered, a clean but musky undertone that was natural to him. Not my thief. But maybe there was more than one. I could start firing and hope to hit him, or I could chat a bit. Chatting sounded safer. “Unscented deodorant, no cologne, unscented shampoo, and a body odor that says you shower often,” I said. “You carry at least three weapons, all recently cleaned with an aerosol lubricant. Dry lubricant is better. It doesn’t leave such a strong scent.”

“Most people can’t smell lubricants after an hour or so.”

I adjusted my aim a fraction. “I’m not most people.”

“Sergeant Lee said that much.”

My insides clenched. Derek sent him? To take me out? “What else did he say?”

So if you haven’t read this series you should!!!! Here are some buy links (so go check it out).

Amazon: (In reading order)


Blood Cross

Mercy Blade

Cat Tales: Four Stories from the World of Jane Yellowrock: eSpecial

Raven Cursed

Death’s Rival


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