Guest Post and Giveaway: Kate Lynd

Please welcome the amazing Kate Lynd.  Author of the new dystopian erotic romance Gladiator.

Author Guest Post: The Making of Gladiator

There are two things I love as much as writing. Music is one, movies are the other. And while writing Gladiator music was huge as were the movies that flavored the tale. And during the creative process I listened to the GLADIATOR soundtrack the whole time. Like, incessantly. It drove me to create an official website for the series. I was so inspired by the process and writing of the book that I included (just for fun) pictures of who I saw as the hero Tristan Shane, Daniel Craig, the healer, Alexandra, Kate Winslet, and the queen, Isabelle Adjani. There are character breakdowns, music on the site, excerpts from the novel, and links to my author site, and even a contact page.


 Creating the website was a joy and a mini-obsession. It gave me more time with my beloved characters and I have more members on my Gladiator site than I do my author site. I put a lot of time and effort into it and the goodies there are worth the visit.

Doing a website so connected with the book means now the second book in trilogy, ORACLE has been accepted for publication I will be updating it soon, so keep your eyes peeled for all new goodies coming your way. I run contests in the forums and even though I’m not fond of fan fiction as long as your not EL Jamesing your way to the top with my story I’ve even got a place for to scribble away to heart’s content.

If you do decide to pick up a copy of GLADIATOR feel free to contact me if you liked it. I love to hear that, to paraphrase Russell Crowe, I’ve entertained someone. Even if it was only for a little while.

The Gladiator Chronicles, Book 1

Kate Lynd (Amy McCorkle)

Book Description:

Ten years ago Tristan Shane had failed to pick sides and he paid with the ultimate price—his family. Enslaved as a post-apocalyptic gladiator, he is now faced with a similar dilemma, serve the despot Queen and murder her innocent sister, or face certain death himself. What will he choose?

Tristan Shane was a moderate before the nuclear and economic crisis which plunged the world into darkness. While his sister Aidia ran off to fight the rebel’s war he desperately tried to hang onto normalcy and lost his wife and children in the process. Spending the next ten years as the Crown’s favored and the mob’s favorite Gladiator, he never expects to meet the Queen’s sister, Alexandra, a Healer.

She claims to be the much whispered about Savior sent to heal the wounded Earth and oceans, the one who would bring about her cruel sister’s dethroning. But is she? Or is she just a fraud? But he quickly learns her erotic touch has the power to heal his heart and his to save her life. But as the passion heightens and the danger increases will they have forever or will he have to give up everything to save the planet?

About the Author:

Amy McCorkle was born and raised in Louisville, KY. She has lived in New Mexico and Texas as well but she currently makes her home in Shepherdsville,KY.

An award winning blogger she is also a successful author in both the sci-fi erotic romance genre with No Ordinary Love and the upcoming release a dark romantic suspense tale Another Way To Die. She also has been contracted for GLADIATOR a Mad Max meets Gladiator series set to be a trilogy. She has placed second in the 2011 Preditors & Editors Readers Choice Poll for Best Short Romance Story. And semi-finaled with Another Way to Die in the 2012 Moondance International Film Festival.

From Hydra Publications, Set Fire to the Rain recently released and her first print novel, Bounty Hunter is due out in October. She is also contracted for the Gunpowder & Lead series she is co-authoring with Melissa Goodman.

Her work is flavored by her childhood heroes, pop culture, music, and the cinema as well as the writers she still enjoys reading today.

Author Links:

And last but not least the Giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prizes include:

  • Halloween Trick or Treat mystery prize basket.
  • a short story prize pack of ebooks including -No Ordinary Love, Another Way to Die, Set Fire to the Rain
  • 5 ecopies of GLADIATOR

15 thoughts on “Guest Post and Giveaway: Kate Lynd

  1. PaParanormalFan says:

    Thank you for offering such an awesome Giveaway, “Gladiator” The Gladiator Chronicles, Book 1, sounds like a Great Read! I would appreciate the opportunity to be considered in your very generous Giveraway. Take Care & Stay Naughty, PaParanormalFan (Renee’) paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

  2. Lisa w says:

    Wow, I hadn’t heard about this book before. Added it to the wishlist, sounds great!

  3. Susan platt says:

    OMG, this book sounds awesome and will be going right onto my wish list! I love these types of stories set into the future!

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  4. Joy F says:

    Book sounds interesting, be adding to my tbr list.

  5. To me music and books go hand in hand as well…and movies – can’t forget those!!

  6. Lisa W, Susan,Joy, and booked and loaded thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. It’s always good to hear from readers and potential readers. And even though Russell was an obsession of mine for a while when I saw the movie, its interesting to not Daniel Craig is my new one. Also, my first print book, Bounty Hunter is now available.

  7. Lorraine says:

    Apocalypse, nuclear stuff and a gladiator sounds like an interesting mix!

  8. Beckey says:

    thanks for sharing about the book 🙂 Looks interesting …

  9. pc says:

    You’re a new author to me…thanks for the intro! Love the idea of urban fantasy and gladiator …I’ll definitely check this out!@

  10. miriam roman says:

    New to me author and i cant wait to read this series! thanks for the giveaway!!

  11. Amy McCorkle says:

    Thanks Miriam, the second book in series is due out next March.

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