Wicked After Dark Blog Hop

Come one, Come all (pun intended) to the greatest Blog hop of all.

For this wicked awesome Hop, I want to pimp the amazing Melissa Schroeder and her Cursed Clan Series.

The Cursed Clan Book 1


As Laird, Callum Lennon feels he has always failed to protect his cousins. Callum’s impulsiveness caused the death of his father and the experience has scarred not only his body, but his soul. From that point on, he made sure to always go with the more logical choice in every matter. When his younger cousin Angus finds clues that might help break the curse, Callum begrudgingly hires Phoebe Chilton to investigate. Callum doesn’t like bringing outsiders into their family affairs. Their life would become fodder for the tabloids if anyone were to find out about the curse. It doesn’t help that the instant he meets Dr. Chilton he’s attracted. But, he doesn’t really have a choice because she might be their last hope.

An expert in archeology, Phoebe has always been dwarfed by her parents’ shadow. Their high standards had her in college by thirteen and earning a second PhD by twenty-two. But her career and her broken marriage have left her needing something more than just diplomas and degrees. She wants to prove that her interest in legends, especially Celtic legends, is as important as her parents’ work. When the Lennon family contacts her, she sees the opportunity to win a massive research grant. With a long-time rival breathing down her back, she jumps at the Lennons’ offer, hoping it will ensure her the grant. But uncovering the Lennon family secrets, and her attraction to Callum, could prove more than she can handle.

Forces outside the family are determined to ensure that they fail. When an old enemy threatens both the well being of the clan and the fragile new love, Callum will have to choose between believing his mind or his heart.

Excerpt from Melissa Schroeder:


Scotland, 1746

Death would be too kind for the Clan McLennan.

Donedella McWalton clutched her husband’s faded plaid to her chest. Even as fear slithered down her spine, she knocked on the door to the witch’s remote cottage. As she waited, a chilling gust of wind stole through the thrashing branches of the winter-bare trees.

From above, an owl screeched. She shivered. Before her nerves settled, the door creaked open. Donedella saw no one standing before her. She hesitated in the gaping doorway, which earned her a disembodied cackle. 

“Come in, my lady,” an ancient voice called from behind the door.

Donedella’s heart skipped a beat. Bolstering her courage, she skittered over the threshold, eyes darting around the room. With only the light from the hearth’s fire, it took a moment for Donedella’s eyesight to adjust. No bats hung from the ceiling. No potion boiled over the fire. But as the flames danced, the shadows moved and dread twisted through her. 

“You are Lady Donedella.”

She jumped at the sound of her name and toward the voice. Donedella had imagined the woman to be older, scarier. But this woman was not much different from herself. The kerchief on her head covered what looked to be a mop of curly gray hair. Her simple peasant clothing draped over her generous figure. Even as Donedella noted the normal dress, she sensed dispassionate study from the woman who earned her keep off the misery of others.

Donedella nodded.

The witch walked forward, her steps sure and steady. She stopped within an inch of Donedella.

“You want to kill someone?”

“Nay.” She shook her head. “That would be tae easy, tae nice.”

The old woman humphed and paced away. Donedella watched her, wondering if the witch would do what she requested. Or could. This witch was her last chance. Her last hope. Without the woman’s help, the vile McLennans would ‘ner pay for their crime. Panic raced through her, curdling her stomach. She swallowed the bile in her throat.

The witch glanced over her shoulder, and Donedella almost gasped. The cold, calculating gleam in the other woman’s eyes sunk into her bones, chilling her from the inside out. She fought the shiver that raced down her spine.

“For this you shall pay…handsomely?” The smile she flashed Donedella had nothing to do with pleasure.

Drawing in a deep breath, she nodded. “Aye. I’ll pay anythin’ to have my revenge on the McLennans.”

The older woman glanced at the plaid Donedella held. 

She’d almost forgotten she’d brought it. “I see you have the plaid. You know what you are asking? You know that this curse is not done lightly?”

Before she could allow her conscience to get the better of her, Donedella let the pain of the last four months bubble up inside her. The death of her beloved, the murder of her sons, and the ending of their clan as they knew it was too much to bear. Even as she knew that the spell she sought would condemn her soul to hell, she could not stop the hate. It swept through her, whirled into her heart, into her soul, demanding vengeance.

“I want them tae suffer.”

“’Tis as you wish, my lady.” The fire snapped, the flames jumping as the witch nodded again and turned from her. “They will suffer, indeed.”

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The Cursed Clan Book 2


The quiet bookworm of the bunch, Angus has always thought everything out before acting. So, it’s understandable that the clan asks him to approach Irishwoman Maggie O’Conner to help them retrieve the next jewel. His well-organized life is completely turned upside down when he contacts the streetwise woman, who is even more cynical than his cousin Fletcher. But he senses a soft center in the hard woman, and is helpless to resist seducing her.

Maggie didn’t ever want to go back to her former life. Not many people know she was The Cat, a jewel thief known for her rooftop escapes. She worked to turn her life around, but her past has come back to haunt her and she needs money—fast. When Angus Lennon appears, it seems like a miracle of fate. An easy heist, in and out, no big deal. But things go wrong from the start. The thugs from her past are hot on her tail, almost ruining her job. Still, even gun-toting goons don’t scare her as much as Angus Lennon. Her attraction to him threatens to consume her and ruin the plans she has for the future.

But danger comes not only from the authorities and her dangerous past, but from the present McWalton laird who will do anything to stop the Lennons from succeeding.

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March 1, 2013

Author Info:

From an early age, Melissa loved to read. First, it was the books her mother read to her including her two favorites, Winnie the Pooh and the Beatrix Potter books. She cut her preteen teeth on Trixie Belden and read and reviewed To Kill a Mockingbirdin middle school. It wasn’t until she was in college that she tried to write her first stories, which were full of angst and pain, and really not that fun to read or write. After trying several different genres, she found romance in a Linda Howard book.

Since the publication of her first book in 2004, Melissa has had close to fifty romances published. She writes in genres from historical suspense to modern day erotic romance to futuristics and paranormals. Included in those releases is the bestselling Harmless series. In 2011, Melissa branched out into self-publishing with A Little Harmless Submission and the popular military spinoff, Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance. Along the way she has garnered an epic nomination, a multitude of reviewer’s recommended reads, over five Capa nods from TRS, three nominations for AAD Bookies and regularly tops the best seller lists on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Since she spent her childhood as a military brat, Melissa swore never to marry military. But, as we all know, Fate has her way with mortals. She is married to an AF major and is raising her own brats, both human and canine. She spends her days giving in to her addiction to Twitter, counting down the days until her hubby retires, and cursing the military for always sticking them in a location that is filled with bugs big enough to eat her children. 


Signed copy of Callum 

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17 thoughts on “Wicked After Dark Blog Hop

  1. miriam roman says:

    Ohh this series looks awesome!thanks for the giveaway. lets see my fantasy humm likely thor come to life and the wicked nights to follow.

  2. Thanks for getting wicked with us this Halloween. 🙂

  3. I cannot wait to read these!!! Let’s see….on the beach baby! =)

  4. kaylynd says:

    A night with Bill & Eric from True Blood. It would be mind blowing. I follow via email. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. donnas1 says:

    My fantasies are currently pretty tame. Could use a good kickstart.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  6. JeanMP says:

    I follow via email
    My fantasy would involve what ever hot guy I am reading about at the moment!
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  7. My Wicked Fantasy…I love being tied up

  8. SheriV says:

    Love this series!!

  9. no1lefthere says:

    My wicked fantasy… Would be a month of having Damon Salvatore(Ian Somerhalder) Then he can go back to his business LOL no1lefthere@ coxdotnet

  10. micheleann oboyle says:

    my wicked fantasy is to be bitten by a vampire then become one my self but not sure if hubby would like that and also not sure if that is how one becomes a vampire or if that is just a myth but that is my wicked fantasy thanks for the chance to win and happy halloween angelwolfmystic@yahoo.com

  11. Lisa Carlton says:

    This series looks amazing….thanks for the giveaway…hmmmmm I think all the books I have read lately are rubbing off on me I think my fantasy would involve a BDSM Club

  12. Tina D says:

    I love this series. My fantasy is find one of Melissa’s hero’s for my own.

  13. Lori Meehan says:

    To be a sub at least once. I think it would be fun to be dominated.

  14. Kassandra says:

    New series to me! Sounds wonderful!
    Top of my sexual bucket list is to have a threesome with two bisexual males >.>

    FB=Kassandra Appel


  15. wanda says:

    bondage.Thank you for this chance to win.Have a great week

  16. Cassandra Hicks says:

    I would have to say having a wickedly sensual & smoking hot dom 🙂
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  17. sherry1969 says:

    To be tied and spanked by a hot sexy dom.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

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