All Hallows Eve Giveaway and Promo

I rarely talk about my life outside of books, but on All Hallows Eve I wanted to do a special post about my childhood.

You see I grew up living in the house attached to the Funeral Home. My grandparents owned and operated the Taylor Funeral Home for over 40 years.

So it should come as no suprise that I was exposed to death, embolming and all it’s glory from a young age. (This is why I’m morbid sometimes. See I’m not just weird)

As children my cousins and I used the Funeral Home as a means of entertainment. We played in the caskets and ran through the embolming room like we were on adventures.

The only beating I got as a child, came after we jumped out of a casket and almost killed my mother. We  weren’t allowed in the Casket Room after that.

My grandfather loved Halloween. He was just as crazy as the rest of us. He would stand in front of the Funeral Home and dress as a clown every year. Children brave enough to go to the door were amazed at the prizes he would hand out.

So I wanted a special book to promote for my favorite day of the year.

The Morticians Wife
Maralee Lowder

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Taylor Street Books

ISBN: 13: 978-1480011229


Number of pages:194

Word Count: 71000

Cover Artist: Tim Hewtson

Book Description: 

“I have spent the night in supposedly some of the most haunted buildings in America. I have met people who could fairly be described as evil incarnate. I have been to the Old Mortuary in Dunsmuir. It is gorgeous but I wouldn’t spend a single night there.” Kathleen McKenna, author of horror novels ‘The Wedding Gift’ and ‘Family Matters’.

Five miles from the new age Mt. Shasta City, the sleepy Northern California town of Dunsmuir plays host to a nightmarish house – the Old Mortuary – where the mortician’s wife spent four decades alone, and some say insane, sleeping in an alcove off one bedroom where she believed the evil spirits of the house could not get to her, harboring terrible secrets.

With the steady flow of dead bodies through the basement and the murderous events upstairs, this is the story of how the Old Mortuary of Dunsmuir became one of the most haunted houses in America as a result of the personality and misdeeds of one man, Horace Carpenter, whose eternal soul most certainly does not rest in peace, as many will attest, and probably never will.

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About the Author:

Maralee Lowder found so much pleasure in reading such a wide spectrum of romance genres, she has never been able to write in just one.  Her novels run the gamut of contemporary, historical, humorous, horror, paranormal and suspense. 

Look for the sequel to “The Morticians Wife”  coming soon

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Print Copy of Morticians Wife


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4 thoughts on “All Hallows Eve Giveaway and Promo

  1. miriam roman says:

    My favorite memory is my little one carving a pumpkin for the first time when she stuck her hand inside it to get all the stuff out her face was priceless! thank the gods for video cameras and caught the whole thing on tape! Hope you enjoy the holiday seasons and thank you for the giveaway

  2. Joy F says:

    Book sounds good, would love a print copy. Thanks.

  3. Leanna H says:

    My favorite Halloween memory is the year we had a blizzard on Halloween and when we went trick or treating we were sliding down the snowbanks in our costumes.

  4. Lori Meehan says:

    My father got an ape mask and hide to scare the crap out of my sister. Very funny…we are a family with a very such sense of humor.
    Lorimeehan 1 @

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